AMCA 207 Standardizes Fan System Efficiency Calculations

Estimating fan system efficiency or making fan energy comparisons has typically been left to the engineer – manufacturers of HVAC products provide the electrical power consumption of their equipment for everything except the fans. Manufacturers may provide the fan speed (RPMs) and the power required at the fan shaft to turn at that speed (horsepower), but those figures alone don’t account for belt, motor and VFD efficiency losses.

A Typical Fan System

Fan Graphic

A1: Fan Speed (RPM)

A2: Fan Power (HP)

B: Belt

C: Motor

D: Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

AMCA 207-17 Provides a More Complete Fan Efficiency Picture

The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) is addressing the system efficiency problem with ANSI/AMCA Standard 207-17 for Fan System Efficiency (FSE) and Fan System Input (FSI) power calculation. This standard provides tools that allow engineers to reliably compare the electrical power input of different fan system configurations at both full and part load, and it covers most conventional fan systems.

ASHRAE 90.1 has proposed an addendum that will use AMCA’s new Fan Energy Index (AMCA 208-18), which requires the fan electrical input power to be calculated. And air handler standards are also being modified to switch to electrical input power rather than brake horsepower using AMCA 207-17. In short, the fan and air handler industry is starting to use this valuable fan system efficiency tool. In the meantime, the experts at YORK® have put together a simple fan performance comparison tool you can use right now.

Try the Fan Efficiency Comparison Tool

To estimate fan system performance for yourself and directly compare up to four system configurations, simply download our handy fan efficiency comparison tool in Excel format.

Download Tool


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