Multi-featured completely user friendly product with enthalpy energy recovery wheel powered by Lau blowers. Energy savings provides huge payback by reducing cooling load and preconditioning outside air.

  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Industrial Areas
  • Schools
  • New Construction and Retrofits
  • Switchable communications protocols between BACnet MS/TP and N2 protocols
  • Switchable Standard BACnet Protocol – Provides interoperability with other Building Automation System (BAS) products that use the widely accepted BACnet standard.
  • Standard Hardware and Software Platform – Uses a common hardware design throughout the family line to support standardized wiring practices and installation workflows. Also uses a common software design to support use of a single tool for control applications, commissioning, and troubleshooting to minimize technical training.
  • ZFR Wireless Field Bus System (FC)/Sensor/Actuator (SA) Bus Interface – Provides a wireless alternative to hard-wired Metasys system counterparts, providing application flexibility and mobility with minimal disruption to building occupants.
  • Energy savings provide exceptional payback
  • LEED-EB and LEED-NC Credits
  • ASHRAE Compliance and IAQ
Installation Note
  • Indirect Gas-Fired Post Heat-10:1 Modulation, 5:1 Modulation, and 2-Stage Indirect Gas Heat with up to 500 MBTUH to provide supplemental heat for supply air exiting the EnERVent+ unit.
  • Electric Post Heat — Staged electric heat is available lth up to 120 kilowattsto provide supplemental heat for supply air exiting the EnERVent+ unit.
  • Chilled Water— Chilled water coils work in conjunction with chillers to cool the supply air exiting the EnERVent+ unit.
  • Hot Water — Hot water coil work in conjunction with hot water to heat the supply air exiting the EnERVent+ unit.
  • 4 Pipe Water Coll — Combination of chilled water coil and hot water coil each with their own Independent connections.
  • DX Coils — DX coils work with split system condensing unit using R410a refrigerant to cool the supply air eAting the EnERVent+ unit. All DX coils will have rifled tubing to Increase efficiency.
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