Simplicity® Smart Equipment™ Controls

Capacity: A digital control system designed specifically for 3 - 40 ton single package rooftop units and 7.5 - 50 ton split systems.
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty on unit control board

The Simplicity® Smart Equipment™ unit controller not only provides robust and reliable unit operation but provides the user with easy to use information, ease of setup and troubleshooting along with many other features:

  • Portable Mobile Access Portal (MAP) Gateway wirelessly communicates with mobile devices up to 300 feet away, while a Stationary Mobile Access Portal (MAP) Gateway can even be wired to a building's Ethernet network and provide a secure HTTPS address for worldwide access over the Internet.
  • See detailed, real-time reports 365 days a year, 24 hours a day using a browser on your smartphone or other remote device -- no additional software required.
  • Get performance alerts using multiple sensors to monitor temperatures, pressures and humidity, thanks to patented algorithms that turn raw data into actionable alerts.
  • Standard, easy to read LCD display
  • Navigational joystick and buttons
  • On-board USB port for uploading or downloading software and unit information
  • Independent safety monitoring to assure unit protection and easy troubleshooting
  • Standard to 0°F low ambient cooling operation
  • Economizer control board comes standard with Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) functionality. An optional refrigeration FDD board provides detailed unit operational information, such as refrigerant circuit pressures and temperatures, superheat, subcool, and operating efficiency.
  • Plug and Play features such as smoke detectors, dirty filter switches and others to make field installation of options quick and easy.
  • Full array of user changeable parameters such as setpoints, economizer operation, variable volume and others to allow customization for almost any job requirement.
  • Communication via BACnet, MODBUS RTU, N2 protocols allows easy integration with Novar, CPC, Honeywell or other third party Building Automation Systems.
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