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A good understanding of sound and its behavior is critical for making informed decisions about the best equipment selection for a given scenario. Find tools, application guides, webcasts and more.


Equipment Noise: Acoustics 101

Learn the basics of HVAC sound, how it travels through air and structures, its impact on occupants, and guidelines for controlling noise and vibrations.

Acoustics: Reducing Sound Levels in Commercial Packaged DX HVAC Systems

February 13, 2018 at 1 pm CDT

Join experts from Johnson Controls as they discuss overcoming the challenges of minimizing unwanted sound while keeping occupants comfortable with Packaged DX products. 

Sound Power, Sound Pressure and Barriers for Air-Cooled Chillers

Understanding the differences in measurement and how to best optimize chiller sound performance through use of specifically constructed barriers is imperative for delivering to meet building needs. Join experts from Johnson Controls as we present the fundamentals on air-cooled chiller sound.

News and Resources

AHU Video
YORK HVAC Acoustics Laboratory for Air Handling
YORK® Acoustics Laboratory provides testing of sound and airflow to produce design data to ensure the performance of Air Handling systems.
Sound Room
The News covers our Vertical Stacked Water-Source Heat Pump Sound Room
Our new condo-style Sound Room gives customers the opportunity to hear our vertical stacked water-source heat pump units in a residential setting before purchasing. 
Sound Application Guides
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