PC/PD 7.5-25 Ton Split System Heat Pumps

11-11.6 EER (11.4-12.4 IEER) (PC) 11-11.6 (11.4-12.4 IEER) (PD)

Lightweight, durable YORK® PC/PD Split-system Units provide flexibility and easy installation for commercial applications.

  • Features Smart Equipment
  • Condenser coils constructed from microchannel aluminum tubing
  • 5-year Limited Compressor Warranty and 1-year Parts Limited Warranty
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Reliable Performance in a Compact Design

YORK® PC/PD Split-system Heat Pump Units deliver the performance you need for reliable operation in today's demanding commercial environments. Compact designs, clean styling and quiet operation make these units an ideal fit for your application. With a durable build, condenser coils made with Microchannel aluminum tubing, aluminum fins and vinyl-coated fan guards, these split units resist rust and deliver long-lasting, efficient operation.
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These compact units install easily on rooftops and at ground level thanks to a lightweight design and simplified piping connections.


Built-in protections as well as five-minute, anti-short cycle timer and minimum compressor run time provide greater peace of mind.


Choose two-pipe (PH) or four-pipe (PJ) configurations for on-site flexibility and factory- or field-installed low ambient VFD control to 0˚F.


  • Meets EPACT 2005 and exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-1999 efficiency standards
  • Inherently protected condenser fan motors
  • Five-minute, anti-short cycle timer and minimum compressor run time
  • Includes filter drier ready for field installation and is Smart Equipment enabled
  • 2-pipe and 4-pipe configurations
  • Standard operation to 40°F; factory or field-installed low-ambient VFD control to 0°F

Remote Monitoring With Smart Equipment

Every YORK® PC/PD Split-system Heat Pump Units come standard with next-generation Smart Equipment – a digital control system for easier system setup, optimization and maintenance. Optional remote data access is available via our Mobile Access Port (MAP), and our Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) system is available to further reduce service steps. Benefits include:

  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • 24/7 real-time reporting
  • On-board USB port
  • Independent safety monitoring
  • Building automation compatible
Learn About Smart Equipment
Smart Equipment control board and components for YORK packaged rooftop unit

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