Vertical, Reduced-Footprint Blower-Coil Units

800-3,000 CFM

YORK® Vertical, Reduced-Footprint Blower-Coil Units (BCUs) are built for easy installation and long-term performance in a wide range of applications.

  • Flexible design and reduced footprint with a variety of fan-discharge configurations
  • Low-leak dampers with 2" filters for excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Variety of power components, including disconnect switches, "across-the-line" motor starters, main fusing and high-efficiency motors
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Big on Features, Small in Size

YORK® Vertical, Reduced-Footprint Blower-Coil Units give maximum flexibility in space restricted applications.With a wide variety of discharge configurations, these units simplify specification and installation to help reduce costs. YORK® fan coil units are designed to  exceed stringent quality standards in every application.
Big on Features, Small in Size


Design Flexibility

YORK® Vertical, Reduced-Footprint Blower-Coil Units give maximum design flexibility in minimal spaces with a slant coil and all-front access.

Lower Installation Costs

All YORK® model blower coils are shipped completely assembled. Flexible discharge configurations reduce field installation time and labor.

Optional Components

The extensive variety of standard options available on YORK® Vertical, Reduced-Footprint BCUs can fit any HVAC system designer's needs.


  • 18-gauge galvanized steel casing surpasses 125-hour salt spray test per ASTM B-117
  • Forward-curved fan
  • Heating and cooling coil stubouts on opposite sides
  • 1" duct collar for quick field connection of duct work
  • ACR filter access from top and full-size front access panel reduces space required for installation
  • Multi-bend construction for optimum strength and rigidity

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