Horizontal, Low Profile Fan Coil Units

250-1,200 CFM

These low profile fan coil units offer optimized performance, flexible design, a choice of controls and excellent indoor air quality.

  • ARI 440 certified and labeled
  • Flexible design with exposed or concealed cabinet and 2- or 4-pipe coils
  • Factory-assembled piping packages available
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Optimized Performance. Flexible Design.

YORK® Horizontal Low Profile Fan Coil units provide maximum performance, unparalleled design flexibility and superior serviceability. The extensive variety of standard options available provides the versatility you need to fit any HVAC system design. These fan coil units can be shipped completely assembled, reducing field installation time and labor.
Optimized Performance. Flexible Design.


Optimized Performance

YORK® Horizontal Fan Coil Units are built from galvanized steel and designed to meet the highest standards of quality.

Flexible Design

An extensive range of options includes rear or bottom return, solid or telescoping bottom panels for unit recessing and single-wall stainless steel drain pipes.

Excellent Indoor Air Quality (Iaq)

Sloped drain pans and cabinets that are easy to clean, and can be insulated with fiberglass or foam for improved IAQ and low sound levels.


  • ARI 440 certified and labeled
  • Flexible design with exposed or concealed cabinet and 2- or 4-pipe coils
  • Choice of controls that can be interfaced with a building automation system or operate on a stand-alone basis
  • Sloped drain pans and cabinets that can be insulated with foil-faced fiberglass or closed-cell foam for low sound levels and excellent indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Fan deck, drain pan and coils that can all be removed for servicing
  • Chilled-water coil for cooling, hot-water or electric coil for heating
  • Factory-assembled piping packages available
  • Thermostats that can be analog, digital display or programmable with unit-mount or remote-mount
  • Filters removable without removing front panel

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