Wired Zone Controller DWCMW

For M and W Series mini-split systems

The YORK® Wired Zone Controller DWCMW has all the features you need to conveniently oversee multi-zone M and W Series mini-split systems.

  • Quiet mode
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Programmed temperature control
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Precision Powered Control

The YORK® Wired Zone Controller DWCMW gives you the power to precisely control mini-split system settings through an intuitive user interface. View and manage temperature, current operating mode, timer and louver position. The turbo fan feature delivers responsive comfort by quickly bringing rooms to the desired temperature. Advanced modes, such as quiet mode, energy-saving mode and programmed temperature control, provide even greater levels of system control.

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  • Temperature control
  • Timer
  • Turbo fan to quickly achieve desired temperature
  • Current operating mode
  • Louver position control
  • Programmed temperature control

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