Large Sunline™ Packaged Rooftop Units

15-25 Tons

Sunline™ ultra-high-efficiency packaged rooftop units deliver improved efficiency with intelligent control and operational flexibility.

  • A/C and heat pump models in convertible airflow configurations
  • Standard (up to 11.2 EER/13.2 IEER), high (12.2 EER/14.2 IEER) and ultra-high (up to 12.2/18.0 IEER) models available
  • Scroll and reciprocating compressors
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Greater Control for Better Efficiency

Sunline™ commercial rooftop units from YORK® are designed to meet rising energy costs and expanded performance standards in the same footprints as existing YORK® 15-25 Ton rooftop units. Their increased efficiencies, reaching as high as 14.2 IEER, comply with the latest federal and state requirements, as well as the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s Advanced Tier. Smart Equipment controls maximize system monitoring and adjustment for extended equipment life and reduced operating costs.

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All units are factory-wired, piped, charged and tested prior to shipment and include factory-installed options.


Two independent refrigeration circuits add built-in redundancy for greater peace of mind.


Built to order, each unit has a range of options and accessories to perfectly match a building’s needs.


Designed, engineered and assembled in the United States at the Johnson Controls Rooftop Center for Excellence in Norman, OK


  • Units meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1
  • Energy-efficient scroll and reciprocating compressors
  • Easy power and control wiring for reduced installation time and costs
  • Smart Equipment provides reliability and ease of use
  • All cooling only and heat pump models share a common footprint for on-site flexibility
  • Gas and electric utility knockouts provided on unit side and bottom for easy connections

Verasys Controls

YORK® Large Sunline Packaged Rooftop Units are Verasys enabled, making it easy to improve comfort, efficiency and operating costs. Verasys offers remote connectivity for secure access anytime, anywhere. BACNet®-based, it connects seamlessly to Smart Equipment throughout your facility via wireless compatibility.
Learn more about Verasys
Verasys controls showing the configuration and performance of a building's YORK packaged rooftop unit.
Smart Equipment control board and components for YORK packaged rooftop unit

Smart Equipment

Every YORK® Large Sunline Packaged Rooftop Unit comes standard with next-generation Smart Equipment and can connect seamlessly to a controls systems and self-discover other Smart Equipment. On-board controls support cloud-based data analytics, including fault detection, to support proactive maintenance and minimize downtime.

Smart Equipment helps maximize control for greater efficiency, extended equipment life and reduced operating costs.

Mobile Access Portal (Map)

The optional MAP gateway with Wi-Fi® hotspot provides access to commissioning, configuration and maintenance logs using a smart device for fewer trips to the job sit or roof to diagnose issues.

A Mobile Access Portal (MAP) gateway providing access to a YORK packaged rooftop unit via a smart device.

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