YLAA Scroll Chiller

40-230 TR (140-800 kW)

Reduce your energy costs while being friendlier to the environment with our YORK® YLAA Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller. With advanced technology, air-cooled water chiller systems featuring our YLAA Chillers offer remarkable real-world performance. Brazed evaporators and microchannel condensers enable more efficient heat transfer, providing lower life-cycle costs. Whether your cooling needs are industrial or commercial, we can help you put together a complete air-cooled chiller system.

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  • Reduce your energy costs as much as 40% – get the best efficiency at all operating conditions and lower your annual energy consumption.
  • Be friendlier to the environment – become a leader in environmental design with zero-ODP HFC-410A refrigerant and up to 50% less refrigerant charge.
  • Operate your own way – choose from a variety of energy, sound, and mechanical configurations to suit your many application needs.
  • Lower your cost of ownership – minimize your installation cost, maximize your usable space, lower your electric bills and reduce your service expenses by choosing a lighter, smaller, more efficient, low maintenance chiller.
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