YORK® VRF Computerized Central Controller Large Systems

Central Controller Software Model CCS01, Adapter Model CCA01

Computerized central controllers can manage up to 2,048 groups of systems with a maximum 2,560 total indoor units from one PC. This option increases management and setting possibilities and allows instructions to be carried out from any point on a local communication network.
  • Controls up to 64 groups of indoor units (maximum 160 units).
  • Independent cooling and heating setpoints.
  • Individual zone control with weekly programmable scheduling.
  • Basic central point on/off control of all units.
  • Advanced multi-zone control of large commercial projects.
  • Automatic cooling/heating changeover for heat pump systems.
  • Single batch input shutdown of all connected units.
  • Temperature setpoint range restrictions.
  • Multiple tenant power billing for shared condenser applications.
  • Graphical user interface with floor plan layout.