YORK® VRF Central Station Controller Mini Systems

Large and Mini Models

The VRF central station controller offers easy-to-use touchscreen interface and color-coded graphics for quick reference. Mini and large systems available, with the large version controlling up to 64 groups of indoor units (maximum 160 units) and the mini version controlling up to 32 groups of indoor units (maximum 160 units). The station controller records accumulated operations time for tenant billing and users can set up to 10 on/off times per day. Up to 8 stations can be connected to the H-LINK II. In addition to basic control, such as settings for operation/stop, the operation mode and temperature, the air quantity and auto louver can be set. If a problem occurs, an alarm code immediately shows the details of the problem.
  An external input terminal is provided as standard. External signals enable the following functions: central operation/stop, demand control, emergency stop, central operation output, and central alarm output.
  • Controls up to 32 groups of indoor units (maximum 160 units).
  • Independent cooling and heating setpoints.
  • Individual zone control with weekly programmable scheduling.
  • Basic central point on/off control of all units.
  • Advanced multi-zone control of small to medium sized projects.
  • Automatic cooling/heating changeover for heat pump systems.
  • Single batch input shutdown of all connected units.
  • Temperature setpoint range restrictions.