YD Model Millennium™ Split Condensing Units

Capacity: 30 - 50 Tons
Efficiency: 11.1 - 12.5 EER / 11.6 IEER
Warranty: Compressor - 1 year limited
Other parts - 1 year limited

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  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2007 Standard.
  • Smart Equipment.
  • Inherently protected condenser fan motors.
  • V-Coil Design with exterior service port connections
  • Five-minute anti-short cycle timer and minimum compressor run time.
  • Standard operation to 40°F. Factory or field-installed low-ambient VFD control to 0°F.
  • Factory-installed disconnects, convenience outlet and technicoated coil option.
  • Scroll compressors provide both high efficiency and reliability.
  • Condenser coils constructed of MicroChannel aluminum tube, aluminum fins for durability and long lasting and efficient operation.
  • Crankcase heaters that will be de-energized when the compressor is operating.
  • Self-contained high and low pressure controls.
  • Solid state or internal line break compressor motor protection.
  • Class 2, 24-volt thermostat control circuit.
  • A filter drier is shipped in the unit’s control box for field installation in the liquid line. Copper stub-outs are factory-mounted on the suction and liquid lines to simplify the field piping connections.
  • Compressor staging for capacity reduction provides more economical operation and even temperature levels within the conditioned space (except 7.5 ton).
  • Multiple controls to provide stable system operation at ambient temperatures down to 40ºF with kits available for operation to 0ºF.
  • A lockout circuit prevents the unit from cycling on safety control.
  • Pumpout on unit startup to prevent allowing liquid refrigerant returning to the compressor is standard on 25 through 50 ton models.
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