YORK® Sun™ Choice Rooftop Units

Capacity: 15 - 27.5 Tons
Efficiency: Up to 11.1 EER/14.8 IEER
  • Exceeds DOE 2018 guidelines by up to 25% and surpasses DOE 2023 part-load standards by almost 10%
  • A broad range of outdoor air options including low-leak damper economizers, constant volume powered exhaust and modulating powered exhaust
  • Fits nearly 70% of the competitive installed base, minimizing the need for costly transition curbs
  • Up to 33% lighter than existing YORK® models, and up to 22% lighter than competing products
  • High short-circuit current (SCCR) electrical rating
  • Smart Equipment enabled
  • A wide range of gas heat options including full modulating gas heat with a 2.85 to 1 turndown ratio
  • Multiple airflow strategies – including constant-volume (CV), variable air volume (VAV), exclusive IntelliSpeed™ discrete fan control (DFC) with 2-stage and 4-stage options and Continuous Reset Single Zone (CRSZ) control
Model AV15
IEER range 13.0-14.8
EER 10.8-11.1
Power Source Gas/Electric
Tonnage 15-25
Type AC
Model ZJ180-300
SEER/IEER range 11.0 - 14.2 SEER
EER 10.6 - 12.2 EER
Power Source Gas/Electric
Tonnage 15
Type AC
Model AV18
SEER/IEER range 12.4-14.6
EER 10.8-11.0
Power Source Gas/Electric
Tonnage 17.5
Type AC
Model AV20
IEER range 12.2-14.4
EER 10.8-11.0
Power Source Gas/Electric
Tonnage 20
Type AC
Model AV25
SEER/IEER range 11.4-14.4
EER 10.0-10.2
Power Source Gas/Electric
Tonnage 25
Type AC
Model AV28
IEER range 11.4-14.4
EER 10.0-10.4
Power Source Gas/Electric
Tonnage 27.5
Type AC
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