YORK® Sun™ Select Rooftop Units

Capacity: 27.5-50 Tons
Efficiency: Up to 11.1 EER/13.3-16.0 IEER
  • Surpasses DOE 2018 guidelines by up to 39% and exceeds DOE 2023 part-load standards by as much as 22%
  • Equivalent or higher part-load efficiency (IEER) than comparable models from competitors
  • A broad range of outdoor air options, including low-leak damper economizers, constant volume powered exhaust and modulating powered exhaust
  • Smart Equipment enabled
  • Multiple airflow strategies, including 2-stage constant-volume (CV), 2-stage with IntelliSpeed™ fan control, 4-stage variable-air-volume (VAV) and 4-stage with IntelliSpeed™ fan control*
  • Seamless integration with Verasys building controls systems
  • Continuous reset single zone (CRSZ) control
  • 65 kA high short circuit current (SCCR) electrical rating*


*Available later in 2020

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