Steam Humidifier

YORK® Affinity™ Series

  • High capacities of up to 23.3 gallons per day – A single unit provides capacity for many larger residential applications.
  • Easy and economical to maintain canister/electrode technology. Simply replace the canister, usually on an annual basis.
  • More efficient; provides humidity when you need it – Operates on a call for humidity. Controlling humidity is no longer dependent upon a call for heat from the thermostat.

Integrates with the air handler for whole house comfort.

  • Works with your YORK® system to provide ideal humidity levels, which may help reduce allergy symptoms, sinus problems, dry skin and other health problems caused by overly dry air.
  • Built in fan provides air improvement across the water panel and into the conditioned air.

Keeps you more comfortable so you run your system less.

  • Keeps you feeling warmer at a lower thermostat setting.
  • Just three degrees off the thermostat yields about 5% off your bill.
  • Runs efficiently with built-in fan.

Engineered for long-term dependability.

  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • Keeps running with built-in fan designed for long-life.
  • Count on efficient, reliable performance backed by a 5-year parts limited warranty.
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