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Split Type Air Conditioners

Split Type Air Conditioning Units

Split Type Air Conditioning Units – R410a

With a Capacity Range from 1.5 – 6Hp (Indoor)(12,000-60,000Btu/h)

  •    YTFE/ YKFE Series Cassette Fixed Speed Split Cooling Only

Packaged and Commercial Split DX Systems

Minimize your installed cost while maximizing your space comfort with our YORK® Packaged Rooftop units

Heat Pumps, and Split Systems. From Light to Large Commercial tonnages with configurable options, a range of efficiency choices, and Simplicity Smart Equipment Controls on Light Commercial models, find the right unit to meet your new construction or replacement needs, and the needs of the building environment.

  • Packaged Rooftop Units
  •  Split DX Systems
  • Commercial Split Systems
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Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems

Solve difficult heating and cooling challenges while ensuring comfort and efficiency

YORK's VRF systems are extremely efficient systems that deliver just the right heating and cooling to every space, using new innovations to deliver on existing HVAC needs.

  •  Outdoor Units
  •  Indoor Units

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