YORK® Sun™ Core Series Direct Replacement Rooftop Units

Previously named YORK® Direct Fit™

Capacity: 3 - 12.5 Tons
Efficiency: 15-15.4 SEER/10.8-12.2 EER/11-14.8 IEER
  • New 3-stage cooling option with IntelliSpeed™ control provides up to a 3.4 IEER (26%) increase over Constant Volume models.
  • CRSZ control balances compressor staging and fan speed.
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2016 and is ENERGY STAR® qualified.
  • Direct Replacement Rooftop—The packaged unit sits directly on select, yet popular competitors packaged unit roof curbs without the requirement of a costly and bulky adapter curb. This equates to job cost savings on both material and labor.
  • Simple Utility Connections— Core packaged units are designed to matchup directly with select competitor electrical, control and gas connections, thus reducing job cost and time. 
  • Smart Equipment—The new generation of UPG control is provided as a standard component on the Core rooftop unit that provides the reliability and ease of use found in Smart Equipment.
  • Advanced Control Features—Smart Equipment provides features such as an LCD display, joystick navigated menu, USB port, self test, auto-configuration, troubleshooting information and supply, return and outdoor air temperature sensors are provided standard. The competition in a similar packaged unit only provides electro-mechanical controls standard without any of the beneficial features found in Smart Equipment.
  • Rigid, Sturdy Construction—The Core rooftop unit is built with embossed top panels to prevent sagging and excess vibration found in similar rooftops without panel embossments. Formed, heavy duty base rails improve the products rigidity and transportability over that of many competitors.
  • 2” or 4” Air Filters—A majority of YORK® light commercial packaged units and split system AHU’s are designed to accommodate 2” or 4” air filters with easy field conversion from one size to the other. Most competitors do not offer this IAQ feature standard.
  • Powderpaint Cabinet—YORK® powder coat paint meets 750-hour salt-spray requirements providing an excellent paint finish that’s long lasting and superior to that of other competitors who only salt-spray test to 500 hours.
  • Low Leak Economizers—Standard economizers will meet low leak requirements per ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and controlled directly from Smart Equipment. The newly designed economizers will operate in a more economical, precise manner than that of the competition, and will also eliminate older type economizer logic and actuator combinations.
  • American Quality—All YORK® UPG commercial packaged products (3-40 tons) and split systems (7.5-50 tons) are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States.
  • Full Line of Factory Options—Factory options available on many existing York products will be available on the Direct Fit™ packaged unit. Options such as economizers, power exhaust, smoke detectors, louvered hail guards, convenience outlet, disconnects and others will be available.
  • Full Line of Field Installed Options—Field installed electric heat, economizers, manual OA dampers, power exhaust, head pressure/low ambient kits (below 0F or process applications), propane conversion, high altitude conversion kits, alternate motors and drives along with other field installed options.
  • Warranty—The Core packaged units, along with the full line of commercial products up to 25 tons, receive a 1-year parts, 5-year compressor and 10-year aluminized or 15-year stainless steel heat exchanger warranties. E-Fin coated evaporator or condenser coils also receive a 3-year extended warranty standard. Additional extended labor and parts warranties are also available.
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