Variable-speed Drive (VSD) Chillers Save Energy


Variable-speed Drive Chillers Can Reduce Energy Consumption up to 30%

YORK® chiller experts detail how variable-speed drive (VSD) chillers optimize energy efficiency while maintaining operating reliability in this article published by Chiller & Cooling Best Practices. 

The article explains how improving energy consumption while maintaining employee comfort and safety is a top concern for manufacturers, and how the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends VSDs as a way to improve efficiency while still providing comfortable operation.

“Using chillers with VSDs is a proven way to optimize energy utilization at full and part load, as well as under design and off-design conditions at varying ambient temperatures. In such cases, VSDs, also known as variable frequency drives (VFDs) or DC inverters, can cut a chiller’s annual energy costs by 30% or more.”

The article shares how energy savings quickly recoup the initial investment in VSD technology and how that savings continues for the life of the chiller.

Variable-speed drive (VSD) chillers optimize energy use at full and part load to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.


Energy Savings With VSDs

  • VSD chillers use less energy at part-load cooling capacity
  • Operating with reduced tower water temperatures is possible with VSD chillers
  • VSD chillers can take advantage of off-design conditions