Floor-Mounted, Vertical Fan Coil Units

200-1,200 CFM

YORK® Floor-mounted, Vertical Fan Coil Units reduce required power consumption and include extensive options for design flexibility.

  • Uses 30% to 50% less energy than competitive units with same capacity
  • Excellent for retrofits with a variety of heights and widths to match dimensions of most U.S. models
  • Sloped drain pans, high-efficiency filters and low sound levels that help produce excellent indoor environmental quality (IEQ)
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Low Power Consumption, Accessibility and Flexibility

YORK® Floor-mounted, Vertical Fan Coil Units provide maximum performance, design flexibility and industry-leading power consumption.With an impressive list of standard features, the vertical floor-mounted units offer unparalleled design flexibility while also reducing installation costs. Available with chilled-water or DX cooling coils and hot-water, steam or electric heating coils, these units provide the ultimate in comfort.
Low Power Consumption, Accessibility and Flexibility


Low Power Consumption

Permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors help vertical fan-coil units achieve industry-leading power consumption.

Excellent Indoor Air Quality (Iaq)

Sloped drain pans and high-performance filters improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce sound levels.

Flexible Design

An extensive range of options includes single-wall stainless steel drain pan, high-effiency motors and a variety of coil choices.


  • AHRI 440 certified and labeled
  • Single point power connection on all units with and without electric heat
  • Permanenty lubricated, three tap, PSC fan motors
  • Thermostats with time clock or occupancy sensor
  • Network-compatible controls
  • Available in concealed, exposed and slope-top models
  • Single-wall galvanized insulated drain pans
  • Chilled water or DX cooling coils for cooling; hot water and steam heating coils up to two rows are located in the reheat position
  • Factory-mounted piping packages

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