Financing Provides Flexibility

YORK® financing programs provide flexible plans and payment options for your HVAC system.

There are more ways than ever to make a YORK® home comfort system your own. Like many home improvements, buying a heating and cooling system can be a significant investment. But before you reach for the credit card or call your bank for a home equity loan, consider the flexibility provided through YORK® financing optionss.

YORK® Financing Benefits

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Simple application process

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Fast credit decisions

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Low monthly payment programs

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Online and mobile payment options

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Stress-free Financing

Financing your YORK® home comfort system with financing partner Synchrony Financial is simple, fast and easy.

With an energy-efficient YORK® home comfort system, you could see considerable savings over the lifetime of your home's HVAC system. And with home comfort financing through your participating YORK® Dealer and Synchrony Financial, you could experience those savings – and improved comfort – sooner than you imagined.
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Second Look Options

Less than ideal credit? Special financing options are available. Even if you don't qualify for traditional financing, your YORK® Dealer offers second look residential financing through Fortiva. This specialized lender offers loan alternatives for U.S.-based buyers to find payment options that meet your needs. See your dealer for details.
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YORK® financing programs are available in the U.S. and Canada and offer flexible plans and payment options. Even if your credit is less than ideal, second look financing options may be available.

With residential financing available through your YORK® dealer, owning an award-winning YORK® home comfort system doesn’t have to be limited by available funds, high credit card interest rates or the burden of dealing with your bank. Invest in a more efficient, higher quality HVAC system today with YORK® residential financing.