Chiller Total Cost of Ownership


Factors to Consider Between Air- and Water-cooled.

With so many factors to consider, what big differences can help you decide?

Johnson Control experts use examples from Beijing, Singapore, Dubai and San Francisco to illustrate the differences in air- or water-cooled chillers. Showing the differences between each city and between different chiller choices, the article explores energy, water, repair, maintenance and TCO costs. For example, considering space availability and pricing:

“Space availability and cost are a major concern for data centers in large cities, where real estate costs can be as high as $4,000 per square foot ($43,000 per square meter). Water-cooled chillers are normally housed in an enclosed space within the data center. This lost space is an opportunity for the owner who could otherwise sell or rent out the floor area.”

The article finishes by explaining how there are many factors to consider that may be specific to the facility’s location – but understanding those factors is the key to making the best decision.

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