Choosing the Best Chiller for Your Data Center


Deciding Between Air- or Water-cooled Systems

There are pros and cons to each system. Which is best depends entirely on what your needs are, and what type of savings is most important for your operation.

In this article originally published in Mission Critical magazine, the experts at Johnson Controls explore the benefits and drawbacks of air- and water-cooled chiller systems. Exploring important metrics for measurement, CAPEX costs and other important considerations, the case is made for both systems, including some considerations that are often overlooked:

“Visually, the plume produced by water towers may be objectionable. This may swing the decision toward an air-cooled chiller selection, but there is another option. In some situations, a geothermal subterranean loop can be dug to use the ground for condenser-water heat rejection.”

The article also shares considerations around maintenance costs and water costs – all of which may help guide you to one solution over the other.

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