Dual Circuit Rooftop Units With Class Leading Efficiency

With efficiencies as high as 21.2 IEER, YORK® Sun™ Pro and Large Sunline™ ultra-high efficiency (UHE) packaged rooftop units are the highest efficiency dual-circuit models in the industry. Their outstanding performance is backed by the worry-free redundancy of a dual-circuit design..    

What Is Dual-Circuit Design? 

A “dual-circuit” refrigeration system is one that uses a coil design featuring two sets of tubes that pass through a single set of fins in each coil. With this configuration, the two circuits can fit into a regular, single-circuit cabinet. Each system contains two completely independent circuits, which provides inherent redundancy in the event one circuit fails. While the system would only be capable of operating at half capacity, it would not go offline as long as one circuit remains functional. This built-in redundancy provides a crucial level of reliability for critical facility operators.

How Do We Make It Efficient? 

Available in 3-12.5 tons (Sun™ Pro) and 15-23 tons (Large Sunline™), these units feature impressive, ultra-high efficiency performance made possible by innovative technologies that include:

  • 2-speed UltraTech™ compressors, which enables three or four stages of cooling, providing greater accuracy in cooling needs 
  • IntelliSpeed™ discrete fan control (DFC), which allows for variation of the fan speed based on number of cooling stages engaged 
  • ECM fan motors that adjust their RPM to maintain optimum airflow over the condenser coils
  • Smart Equipment controls that maximize system monitoring and adjustment for extended equipment life and reduced operating costs 
  • 2-stage heating with both gas and electric heat options that help provide improved comfort and efficiency 
  • Optional MagnaDRY™ reheat system, which allows part of the refrigerant’s rejected heat to be reused, increasing efficiency while reducing moisture without overcooling
  • Optional variable air volume (VAV), which maintains constant static pressure in the supply duct and has either three or four stages of cooling
With two, independent refrigeration circuits, YORK® Sun™ Pro and Large Sunline™ ultra-high-efficiency commercial rooftop units can provide a reliable, high-performance solution that helps lower energy use while providing outstanding reliability. Visit the rooftop units category page of our website to learn more about our full line of standard, high-efficiency and ultra-high efficiency rooftop units.