Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

VRF systems for new construction and retrofit projects

Your projects demand precise solutions. YORK® delivers. YORK® VRF HVAC systems provide unsurpassed efficiency with flexible installation and design options. Select from a wide range of indoor and outdoor units and accessories. Our VRF experts are here to support you when you need it. VRF Product Catalog



YORK® VRF products are available in a variety of sizes and extended operating ranges to meet the demands of your project.


Precisely balance comfort and efficiency in each zone. YORK® VRF systems deliver up to 30% energy savings compared to conventional systems.


The expanded YORK® VRF product line delivers extended operating ranges and space-saving solutions that reduce installation costs.


From hard-wired to Wi-Fi® enabled, system controls can be integrated into BAS or network programs and provide full-system and zone control.

  • Model CBN02
  • Reduced integration expenses
  • System organization customized to user needs

  • CCL01
  • Controls up to 64 groups of indoor units (maximum of 160 units)
  • User-friendly touch-screen interface

  • CCM01
  • Controls up to 32 groups of indoor units (maximum 160 units)
  • User-friendly touch-screen interface

  • CCXL01
  • Supports SD memory card and USB flash device
  • Tenant billing with optional energy calculation software

  • Model CIR01
  • Temperature range limit
  • Setback function

  • CIS01
  • Small size for discreet applications
  • Controls one to 16 indoor units, applying the same settings

  • CIW01
  • Controls temperature, mode and fan speed
  • Features a seven-day time with multiple set points

  • CLW01
  • Easily integrates VRF system data into existing LONWorks® BAS network
  • Connects up to 64 VRF remote control groups, or up to 160 indoor units with a variety of network variables

  • Monitor and control equipment from connected devices, such as smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Simple touch-screen display located on the bridge component offers additional point of management for indoor units

  • 208/230V
  • Optimized reliability through continuous operation
  • Malfunctions among connected units do not result in system shutdown

  • Seamless VRF Integration
  • IP54 Enclosure rating
  • Inlet air, outlet air and external signal temperature control

  • Up to 22.7 Tons (208/230V)
  • Thirty-two valve, 12-port layout provides design flexibility and easily accommodates future expansion without added labor or material costs.
  • Reliability is optimized through continuous operation. Malfunction among connected units will not result in system shutdown.