Make-Up Fresh Air System (MAF, MAS)

100-14,426 CFM

YORK® MA Series centrifugal fans replace foul or contaminated air that is removed by commercial or industrial exhaust fans.

  • Roof-mount filtered supply
  • Direct drive or belt drive units available
  • Side intake (MAS model)
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Maintaining Essential Safety and Building Code Requirements

The YORK® Make-up Fresh Air Ventilation System balances a building's air, which is essential to safety and building code requirements in applications that require frequent air changes. Without proper make-up air filtration, negative pressure systems can form within a structure, which may result in costly repairs, inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in air handling systems, as well as the installation of unnecessary equipment. The MA Series assures proper air volume replacement under varying conditions.
Maintaining Essential Safety and Building Code Requirements



Lek-Trol™ speed controllers allow adjustment in speed to a maximum of 50% reduction, resulting in a cost-effective means of system balancing.

Structural Integrity

Galvanized housing provides rigidity and weather protection. Housing cover is pitched to ensure complete rain run-off.

Easy Maintenance (Mas Model Only)

Clear access to all components is available via a removable, full-size, insulated cover and heavy-duty, quick-release latches.


  • Motors available in a wide range of voltages and enclosures
  • Base/curb cap is free of protruding fasteners that would interfere with installation
  • Large, 1" diameter conduit entry at the base of the unit
  • Blower assembly uses multi-directional, rubber-in-shear isolators to mitigate residual vibration transmissions from the unit to the building
  • Galvanized housing provides rigidity and weather protection
  • Adjustable, cast-iron pitch pulleys allow for field balancing based on actual conditions
  • All direct and belt drive models feature a polarized disconnect plug factory wired from the motor to the junction box
  • Available coatings include polyester powder coat, epoxy powder coat, phenolic epoxy powder coat and others

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