4 Absorption Myths Busted


Busting Four Myths About Absorption Cooling

Looking beyond myths to discover the truth about absorption cooling.

Rajesh Dixit, the Director of Global Product Management at Johnson Controls, looks at four of the most common myths surrounding absorption cooling in this whitepaper. Dispelling myths, falsehoods and old "truths", Dixit illustrates how the technology behind absorption chillers has evolved in their over 75-year history – and how those changes have made absorption chillers some of the most efficient, cost-effective, flexible and reliable chillers today:

…operating flexibility for absorption chillers has dramatically improved over the last several years. Lithium bromide water-based cycles can now achieve low leaving evaporative temperatures from 34°F/1°C down to 23°F/-5°C – which is perfect for dairy and brewery applications.

The whitepaper goes on to bust myths around reliability, cost and efficiency – using real-world examples and proven results.

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