Absorption Chiller Technology Moves Forward


New Technology in Absorption Chillers

Absorption chillers are being used around the world as an efficient, low-cost solution. And although absorption chiller technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, many customers reference outdated information when considering new equipment.

YORK® Chiller experts share insights from new findings and proven results in the absorption chiller market in this article published by DistributedEnergy.com.

“Based on a first-cost comparison, absorption chillers are indeed more expensive than electric centrifugal chillers. However, the difference in capital cost is quickly recovered through annual operating savings.”

This in-depth article goes on to explain possible applications, considerations, real-world operating ranges and energy-source flexibility.

Although absorption chillers incur a higher first-cost expense compared to electric centrifugal chillers, the difference is quickly recovered through annual operating savings.

Absorption Chiller Advances

  • Increased application versatility
  • More available waste heat 
  • Low NOx applications
  • Simultaneous chilled- and hot-water production