Absorption Chiller Advancements


Technologies Impacting Absorption Chiller Performance

New achievements in technology have provided unmatched flexibility while balancing efficiency and reliability. YORK® Chiller experts share insights on the enhanced benefits of absorption chillers in this article published by Engineered Systems.

Absorption chillers have been a great option for those who want an environmentally friendly, flexible chiller. However, recent innovations have further extended absorption chiller value. In conventional absorption chillers, the problem of crystallization and frequent purging can cause substantial downtime. But double-effect chillers negate these problems through a lower operating temperature.

“Two benefits result from a 2-step design: 1) Absorption is enhanced and crystallization is minimized due to lower percent salt content in the solution compared to the conventional cycle; and 2) Dividing or distributing the cooling load and the absorption process into two steps (two parts) saves significant amounts of pump and input energy.”

The article goes on to explain other key benefits and the improvements possible through combining 2-step design with a parallel flow cycle.

Absorption chiller advances include combining a two-step design with a parallel flow cycle to provide extended value, enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime.

Absorption Chiller Advances

  • Two-step design that enhances absorption and minimizes crystallization
  • Parallel flow cycle reduces LiBr salt concentration
  • Increased reliability and flexibility is achieved