YHAU-CL/CH Single Effect Hot Water Absorption Chiller

30–2,000 TR (105-7,034 kW)

These units offer flexible design for combined heat and power (CHP) systems, comfort cooling or industrial-process cooling applications.

  • Innovative two-step evaporator and absorber design
  • Flexible and wide operating envelope
  • Utilizes waste heat as low as 70°C (158°F)
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Advancing Efficiency by Design

YORK® YHAU-CL/CH Single-effect Hot Water Absorption Chillers offer a broad range of capacity from 30 to 2,000 TR. This unit uses an innovative two-step evaporator and absorber cycle that is more efficient and reliable than conventional designs. Its flexibility combined with a wide operating envelope utilizes waste heat as low as 70°C. Our world-class engineering and service organization helps to simplify start-up and chiller operation over the life of the system.
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YORK® YHAU-CL/CH Single-effect Hot Water Chiller uses an innovative two-step evaporator and absorber design for enhanced efficiency.


This unit is suited for a variety of steam pressures found in CHP systems, commercial cooling and industrial process applications.


Reduced hot water flow rates and pumping energy help achieve lower costs of operation.


  • Innovative YORK® two-step evaporator and absorber design enhances absorption of the refrigerant into the concentrated solution, reducing overall pressure
  • Virtually eliminates crystallization risk and reduces the potential for corrosion
  • Control center with graphical animated LCD display offers past and present operational status, data recording and chiller safeties accessible at a touch
  • Lower temperature hot water source into the generator can be used to drive the absorption cycle for higher system efficiency
  • Can operate with lower hot water flow rates and reduced pumping energy
  • Isolation valves on the suction and discharge of the solution and refrigerant pumps allow quick and easy servicing of pumps, which typically have a 60,000-hour life

Two Step Evaporator and Absorber

YORK® YHAU-CL/CH Hot Water Chillers are uniquely designed with a two-step evaporator that has two pressure levels to divide the absorption process. The chilled water flows in tubes through the two evaporators while a concentrated lithium bromide solution is distilled in the absorber shell side in the opposite direction. This reduces the solution concentration and overall pressure, making the unit more efficient and reliable than conventional absorption chillers.
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Two step graphic showing a YORK Chilled Water System evaporator and absorber.
Graphic displaying the falling film generator used in a YORK Absorption Chiller.

Falling Film Generator

The falling-film generator design provides superior heat transfer compared to a conventional flooded generator. This design also reduces the required amount of lithium-bromide solution to be circulated, decreasing start-up time from a cold start. Stainless steel tubes are adopted to prevent stress corrosion cracking and intermediate tube supports reinforce and extend unit life.

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