YVAA Variable Speed Drive Screw Chiller

150-575 TR (525 - 2,020 kW)

With more than 22,000 units installed and proven globally, the YVAA VSD screw chiller has excelled in a variety of applications.

  • Customizable for specific job requirements
  • Patented, liquid-cooled, variable-speed drive technology
  • Available for performance testing in an AHRI-certified lab
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Proven Globally. Tailored for You.

The YORK® YVAA Air-cooled Chiller has been proven globally in some of the world's most challenging conditions. With a patented, liquid-cooled, variable-speed drive that produces 15-25% annual energy savings, IPLV as high as 21.3 EER, and up to 0.25 kW/TR reduction in energy use when replacing existing chillers, YORK® has the experience to tailor and tune the YVAA specifically for you.
Proven Globally. Tailored for You.


Lower Annual Energy Costs

Reduce annual energy costs as much as 50% with a liquid-cooled, variable-speed drive for lowest kW/ton at design and off-design conditions.

Trusted Reliability

An efficient motor design provides a wide operating range while refrigerant cooling and thermal protection increase compressor reliability.

Greater Value

The YVAA can be tailored and tuned to match the capacity, efficiency, sound and footprint of specific applications.


  • Patented YORK® liquid-cooled, variable-speed drive technology
  • Patented, stepped VI (volume ratio) technology to match compressor operation to conditions
  • Class-leading standard operating range of -10°F to 131°F
  • Performance testing on all units in AHRI-certified lab
  • 150-500 TR, 524-1750 kW
  • Screw compressors designed and manufactured by Johnson Controls
  • Reduced energy consumption through reduced refrigerant compression
  • Patented hybrid falling film evaporator and microchannel condenser coil
  • Optional Quick Start feature

Quick Start

After power is interrupted, it can take a standard chiller up to 10 minutes to restart. But with the Quick Start feature, YVAA chillers can restart within seconds after power is restored. YVAA chillers feature an industry-leading compressor restart (upon power being restored) of 34 seconds.

Because YVAA chillers contain a variable-speed drive, there is no inrush of current. As a result, all compressors can be started together. This allows a faster ramp-up to full capacity than possible with a typical chiller.
Learn About Quick Start
Graphic displaying the quick start feature on a YORK YVAA VSD Screw Chiller.
A view inside the doors of a Liquid Cooled YVAA VSD Screw Chiller.

Variable-speed Drive

VSDs help reduce energy consumption – particularly at off-design conditions – and can help lower annual energy costs as much as 50%. Our patented, liquid-cooled VSDs also require less maintenance, with glycol replacement required only every five years. And the variable-speed design dramatically reduces sound levels at off-design conditions – up to 16 dBA. Designed and manufactured by Johnson Controls, a 100% liquid-cooled VSD is standard on the YVAA.

Proven Compressor Technology

The YVAA incorporates advanced, patented variable volume index (VI) technology in a proven design. Our VI design optimizes the compression ratio of the compressor to match the conditions between the evaporator and condenser. This optimized compression ratio prevents over-compression to minimize energy consumption. Every compressor is run-tested at the end of the production line to ensure reliable operation.
Close up shot of the compressor technology used in a YORK YVAA VSD Screw Chiller

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