YMC² Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller

165-1,000 TR (580-3,516 kW)

The YORK® YMC² chiller reduces energy consumption and increases efficiency via advanced design and active magnetic-bearing technology.

  • Lubrication-free operation
  • Wide operating range to meet the needs of various applications
  • Exceptional performance to reduce energy costs
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Advancing Chiller Technology

With years of YORK® chiller advancements and active magnetic-bearing technology, the YMC2 chiller delivers a lower overall cost of ownership, extraordinary efficiency, versatility, dependability and quiet operation – all in one of the widest-operating, fully integrated, optimized chillers available today.
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Advancing Chiller Technology


Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership

Exceptional efficiency means the YMC² uses less energy, lowering operating costs. And fewer moving parts means lower maintenance costs.


An unequaled range of operation allows for continuous performance under conditions that would normally shut down other chillers.


The full chiller design results in very low sound levels.

Reduced Footprint

YMC² chiller offers compact design with a shell option of 8 feet.


  • Stable operation with entering condenser water temperatures 30°F (16.7°C) below leaving chilled water set point
  • Offers exceptional efficiency with below 0.100 kW/ton at part load
  • Less complex magnetic-bearing technology for superior reliability and performance compared to refrigerant-lubricated, ceramic ball bearings
  • Fully integrated, lubrication-free and oil-free design
  • Lower total cost of ownership, competitive first cost, low maintenance and operating costs thanks to fewer moving parts
  • YMC² is OSPHP seismic certified to meet seismic safety requirements

Dependable Operation With Quick Start

The YORK® YMCQuick Start feature provides the fastest chiller restart following a power failure, allowing for capacity recovery and reducing the risk of cooling disruptions. 
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 YORK YMC2 Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller shows its quick start feature.

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