Duct-Free Mini Split System

Save energy. Duct-free mini-split systems essentially eliminate energy losses that occurs when using ductwork used in conventional central systems. In general, duct losses may account for as much as 30% of energy consumption. In addition, variable-speed compressors in outdoor units provide extremely high part-load efficiency. They are an excellent choice for energy-conscious customers.


Are highly flexible. A selection of heating and cooling or cooling-only system options are available to meet the application’s exact capacity and SEER requirements.

Provide quiet, customized comfort.

Indoor units operate quietly to meet individual temperature set points for each zone. Variable-speed compressors with wide capacity and precise modulation help maintain the temperature within a narrow range.


Offer precise control. Ductless air conditioners are offered with a variety of control options ranging from on/off, set point, load and speed settings to programmable units that enable scheduling. And programmable temperature control by occupancy and schedule offers opportunities for increased savings.


YORK® duct-free mini-split systems suit a wide range of light commercial applications including:

  • Buildings with remote or separated offices – such as supermarket administrative offices, manufacturing supervisor offices, parking lot structures and mobile offices at construction sites.
  • Small business applications - such as convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, coffee shops and daycare centers.
  • Extra and back-up cooling – such as areas that are mission-critical or areas where cooling demand cannot be met with existing systems.
  • Electrical and IT closets – ideal solution to add extra cooling to spaces with heat-generating equipment.
  • Wineries or small areas with stringent heating or cooling requirements – an economical and easy-to-install solution for businesses with the need for tight temperature control.

Mini Splits

Awards and Recognition

The fact that YORK® products are built right has been recognized by many prestigious industry awards. That's because our innovative design and user friendly features help save energy, ensure sustainability and simplify maintenance.


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Living and Working with YORK
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